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The surface film system is a protection film for above-water applications. The film is weathering-resistant for up to 5 years (and more depending on the specific application and the UV index) and is easy to clean. It resists weathering and fading and therefore shields surfaces from environmental influences such as UV radiation. Wrapped surfaces therefore shielded from fading and scratching and look like new after the film is removed.

2- Full Release Film Coating (Anti-Fouling)

The biocide-free film systems maintain the current state-of-the-art fouling protection standards but are beneficial compared to existing paint-based solutions for underwater application. In line with our understanding of a polution free environment we offer film systems that are totally free of biocides

The biocide-free film systems give the hull of your working vessel a smooth finish. Fouling organisms have difficulty attaching themselves to hulls and are washed off when the ship moves. The surface remains smooth, water resistance falls and fuel consumption is lower.

With its non-stick properties, MacGlide protects the hull from marine microbial growth without releasing toxic substances into the sea.

Composite film (silicone technology), 5 year(s) 


This film is a slip-resistant (up to R13*) and wear-resistant film for decks, stairways and wherever there is a danger of slipping. The glass beads and granules integrated into the slip-resistant film increase safety in wet areas of working vessels. The film is self-adhesive, flexible and durable. The film is also available in transparent versions and can even be ordered in customer-specified colors if minimum order quantities are exceeded.

*R 13 stands for a very high „static friction coefficient“, slip-resistant up to an angle of inclination of over 35°.


This film is a self-adhesive anti-corrosion film and offers long-term protection for all metal, aluminum and GRP surfaces in surface areas. Due to its high flexibility, small elements as well as large surfaces can be foiled and covered. This film neither brittles nor crackes and protects metal parts from all types of corrosion such as rust, fogging, soiling, white rust and oxidation. Since the surface of the foil is closed and neither air nor salt can oxidize the steel, the corrosion protection is maintained for up to 10 years (depending on application area and UV index). This film can make objects „offshore proof“ at once.

Added Values: Film systems compared to paint systems:

  • No volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • No hazardous substances and biocide-free
  • Environmentally friendly compared to toxic paintwork
  • Complies with Directive 2014/90/EU (Marine Equipment Directive))
  • Corrosion protection class according to DIN EN ISO 12944: C5I -ISO 12944-6
  • Corrosion resistance ISO 9227
  • Flammability ISO 5660-1, ISO 3795, ISO 4892-3 (UV light), INTERNATIONAL CODE FOR APPLICATION OF FIRE TEST PROCEDURES, 2010
    (2010 FTP CODE)
  • Constant thickness of film system
  • Long service life and guarantee (> 5 years) for film systems
  • Durability – very high gloss and very stable color
  • Temperature ranges/ Application: +5°to+ 40°degrees/End-use: -40°to+ >+100°degrees

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