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MATE@SEA teamed up with Engineering & Design company HeavyLift@Sea offering tailor-made ship solutions for offshore application. Here are two samples:

Jack-up Vessel

This vessel is designed for supply and maintenance works of wind energy plants offshore. Therefore it is a self propelled unit with DP-2 capability.
For crane work a SWL 400t – 600t offshore crane with a foldable jib is arranged at the portside aft. To ensure safe crane operation during installation the vessel is equipped with a high performance, double acting jacking system with four (4) tubular legs. The jacking unit of the aft leg on port side is located inside the crane foundation.
The vessel is able to maintain wind energy plants consisting of nacelle, hub and blades. In jacked up condition the vessel is a stable working platform for safe operation of the crane and the deck load. The crane can also be operated with full load in floating condition so that jacking in the harbor is not necessary. Therefore the vessel has a high performing ballast system also.
Heavy spare parts of wind energy plants can be transported from baseport to the wind field on the working deck without assistance of other vessels. Therefore the vessel is equipped with a diesel-electric propulsion plant with two conventional propellers and high-lift flap
The deckhouse is located ahead of the front jack-house on the starboard side and has space for twelve (12) persons. The infrastructure like galley, change room, day room and mess room is dimensioned for a total number of 59 persons. For staff intensive operation it is plant
to arrange an accommodation unit on deck. Due to this design the vessel provides a high flexibility with a large working deck or space for a large crew.

For more information please see here: Service Jackup Description

Offshore Accommodation Vessel

This vessel is designed for service and support operations in Offshore windfarms. The main operational case will be accommodation, preparation and support of technicians for offshore wind energy plants (WEP). Therefore the vessel shall be equipped with:

1. Accommodation space for 60 persons
2. Cargo area for spare parts and tools
3. Heave compensated gangway system for safe access to the WEP
4. Offshore crane for handling spare parts and tools to the WEP
5. DP-system of class 2
6. Roll reduction tank system
7. Daughter craft with redundant propulsion in a stern garage of the ship

The layout of the ship is designed for optimal workflow for the technicians and the cargo.


MATE@SEA teamed up with Multi Maritime AS (Norway) for the sales and marketing of specilized vessels, prototypes and innovations.

Together we will focus on new generation hybrid and electric ferries. 

For more information please see here: 20200815 Ferries Germany



The shipyard is building „turn-key“ vessels of customized types as well as outfitted hulls and ship sections.

The shipyard is capable of managing major steel work projects for the offshore, energy power or petrochemical industry by using their exceptional infrastructure capabilities.

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