MATE@SEA teamed up with engineering partner HeavyLift@Sea offering tailor-made maritime, offshore and industrial cranes in different variations, e.g.:
– Davit Crane for Wind Turbines
– Service Crane for Ships and Jack-ups
– Hose Handling Crane for Tanker
– Offshore Knuckle Boom Crane for deep sea operation
– Service Crane for the Mining Industry

We offer in-house engineering and design solutions.
Fabrication partners are located in Europe and China.

Davit Crane (Wind Turbine Platform)

This is the Davit Crane of the future. Made of composite material this crane offers enormous advantages over conventional materials:

Best weight-to-strength ratio: Composite components convince with high static and dynamic load capacity – despite their low weight.

Composite material can be freely molded in three dimensions and are therefore particularly versatile. This makes the crane the first mouldable crane.

The enormous weight reductions in lightweight construction saves resources and complex structures for the installation of the crane on the platform.

Main features:

SWL: 2000kg – 3000kg
Low maintenance materials
Fibre rope
Remote controlled
Weight: approx. 900kg
Standards: DNVGL-ST-0378 Standard for offshore and platform lifting appliances, May 2016
EEC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC-2nd Edition, June 2010  

Engineering: ar engineers (Axel Reinsch)
Project Management: Materials (Fabian Schüler)

For more information please contact: or +49 (0) 170 4403588.

Knuckle Boom Crane

The Knuckle Boom Crane is ideally suited for a range of marine and offshore applications including load transfer, cargo handling, riser/pipe handling and general service operations.

Each crane can be designed and certified in accordance with EN 13852, RINA, DNV-GL, ABS or API and can be configured with single or dual hydraulic cylinders on both luffing joints. With 360 degree slewing, smooth operation and built to the highest standards of quality and safety, the knuckle boom cranes deliver high performance and lifting capabilities.

Typical applications:

  • Deck cranes (shipboard)
  • Ship to Ship cranes
  • Pipe handling cranes
  • Boat handling cranes
Service Crane Minining Industry

We are your partner for supplying and commissioning of special cranes for the open cast mining industry. The cranes are used as service cranes for different open cast mining systems, especially for crushing plants. The cranes are adapted to the specific climatic, geological and technical conditions.
All mechanical and hydraulical parts of each cranes secure functionality and operationality and are protected from the harsh environmental conditions.

The closed housing of the mining crane protects all modules from dust, especially the control cabinet and drive unit. The pump motor and cooling circuit are located in a closed crane column equipped with air cooling, dust filter system and water-resistant cover.

The mining cranes with a load capacity of up to SWL 200t of the main hoist and up to SWL 30t lifting capacity of the auxiliary hoist are delivered world-wide.


MATE@SEA offers tailor-made lifting equipment in different variations including accessories and grommets.

Heavy Lifting Beams
– Up to 1750t SWL
– Up to 24m rigging length

Heavy Spreader Beams
– Up to 500t SWL
– Up to12.5m rigging length
– Up to 90 degrees rigging angle

Modular Spreader Beams
– Up to 500t SWL
 Up to 10m modular rigging length

Adjustable Spreader Beams
Special features of this spreader are the adjustment elements, which allow a very precise adjustment, so that the load hangs straight, even if the centre of gravity is slightly different than calculated. Currently there are developments of the adjustment elements for different SWL between 150t and 500t per element, that means for 300t – 1000t load.

Heavy Lifting Beams
Heavy Spreader Beams

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