For the inspection and photographic documentation of rotor blades, wind turbines must always be stopped and, if necessary, moved into a suitable position.

With the systems currently available on the market, expensive downtimes cannot be avoided. And downtimes are not very popular with windfarm operators.

Photographs of the rotating rotor blades with a static or hand-held camera are not possible due to the high speed and lack of tele optics required for sufficient image resolution.

Drones are dependent on wind and weather conditions and could collide with blades and turbine structures.

Our new technology solves all these problems. The innovative camera system automatically follows the rotational movement of the rotor blades from a freely selectable perspective and creates the necessary photo documentation in less than 15 minutes. The documentation is then assessed by experts on the computer.

 This new technology, which is unique in the market, will lead to cost savings for all WTG operators and represents a future-oriented and safe technology.

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Blade Inspection MATE@SEA

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