Different to most of our trade APEX boats are mainly consumer / pleasure boats. APEX concentrates on the APEX brand and the role as acting as a general represenattive for the German speaking markets and is relying on regional dealers.

With more than 30 years of experience focused on quality with a wide range of vessels worldwide, we are the ideal supplier to meet your needs for rapid implementation, flexibility, and tailor made inflatable & rigid fiberglass boats.
Apex Boats is able to tailor made all of our boats to the extent possible. Our priority is to be as close and communicative as possible from you and to provide you the best customer satisfaction.

APEX – Inflatable and rigid boat lines:
1- Dinghies
2- Eurosport Deluxe RIB
3- Deluxe Tenders
4- Large Tenders
5- Open RIB
6- Pro & Roll-Ups
7- Institutional boats
8- Rafting / Bananas


The overall exterior lengths of inflatable boats are measured from tip to tip. Almost all manufacturers build boats with a long cone at the rear. This is a cheap method of finishing off the stern of the boat. However, this cone adds to the overall length without increasing buoyancy and the usable interior space of the boat and therefore can give a false impression of the usable capacity of the boat.
APEX® boats are constructed with rounded ends (HYPALON) and therefore have a shorter exterior length than their major competitors. We build our boats with rounded ends despite the additional cost because we want our tough rubbing strake to extend around and protect the stern of the boat. This shorter length helps for storage on davit or dinghy racks while the usable interior space is actually larger.
When choosing a boat, look at the interior space of the models you are comparing.

Rubbing Strake
The rubbing strake is the tough rubber strip that goes around the boat to protect it against abrasions. It also protects any vessel to which the boat is being moored. Make sure that this straking is made of a thick tough material in a light color. Dark colors attract more heat and dirt, will deteriorate faster and can leave marks on other vessels. APEX® boats have a tough, raised, light gray strake for better protection.

Skin material

The materials generally used for all inflatable boats are composed of fabric coated on both sides with reinforcement products to create a material with several layers.

Mechanical resistance

The combination of a high tenacity fabric and an outstanding coating, gives ORCA® a very high level of mechanical resistance

Extreme Condition resistance

The ORCA® product, intended for the leisure, professional, or military markets, meets the highest requirements for safe navigation in the most extreme conditions.

Ultra violet light resistance

Thanks to the exceptional characteristics of its outer layer which protects from ageing, ORCA® offers a wide range of light fast colours

One thing is certain with tubes: bigger is better !

  • Increase buoyancy, thus allowing higher payloads
  • Create more stability
  • Softer ride decreasing impact
  • Provide a drier ride by keeping water out of the boat
  • Create more interior depth and space inside the boat

Compare APEX® boat with their competitors and we will see we are constantly at the top of the market for tube size.

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